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  Welcome to ryanlairdst.com, the Official Ryan Laird Street Team. Ryan is a country music singer/songwriter from Canada. Here you will find pictures, videos, music and news as we follow and support Ryan on his journey to success!  

Been a busy day!  Got the gallery up and running.  I’ll be adding more pictures soon once I’m able to locate more.  If you would like to share any photos you have of Ryan just e-mail them to rlstleader@gmail.com

Don’t worry, I’ll give you credit.

The street team is now on Facebook and Twitter.  Make sure you like and follow and be sure to welcome Kim (she runs the Facebook) and Sasha, who will be posting tweets very soon!

I’m excited to see the street team grow!


- C

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Ryan announced the other day he signed a publishing and artist development contract with Studio Gold Music Inc.

Mike Mouret, president of the Nashville based independent record label and music publishing company says, ““Ryan is an exciting country music artist and we look forward to releasing his music to American radio stations later this year,”

And to think…

It all started with a billboard.


Congratulations Ryan!

– C

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After an extremely long awaited arrival, I finally got the website back up and running.  Sometimes life gets in the way and we get busy, i.e family, friends, work.  I still supported Ryan and his music over the past few years but I really missed running his fansite.

I promise I am not going anywhere this time.  There is too much excitement to share.  As you all may know, Ryan got signed to an international record label so all those in the US will finally have a chance to hear Ryan’s music on country music radio too!  I’ll post the article.

Ryan has had an adventurous past few years, like he opened for Alan Jackson, and I can’t wait to fill you all in and update you on the most recent news involving our amazing country music singer/songwriter.

But as a treat, I have something I never got to share.  Ryan’s Q &A.  Fans submitted questions to the street team and Ryan answered your questions.  The videos are a few years old but I stopped running the site when I got them.

Over the next few weeks I plan on having photo gallery up and running as well as a few misc. things.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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